The supply chain

The undisputed quality of Stefanangeli cured meats comes from great care in all production phases, starting from the choice of raw materials: excellent quality pork comes from selected farms in our Umbrian hills.

Particular attention is paid to the feeding and care of livestock, subjected to strict controls, both from health and veterinary points of view. The half-carcasses slaughtered at the local abattoirs and subjected to high veterinary checks of a hygienic-sanitary nature then undergo the process of sectioning, at our headquarters, where we select the different cuts of meat, suitable for the processing of the products performed with skill and competence by our master Norcini, through manual operations.

All our products are compliant and follow strictly the following Hygienic-Sanitary Characteristics
The HACCP system envisaged by EC Reg. 852, 853, 854 is applied, 882/2004 and Reg. 2073/2005 on microbiological criteria applicable to food.
The products supplied do not contain GMOs and their derivatives.
The product complies with the principles established by the EC Reg. 1169/2011 and Legislative Decree 114/2006 on the possible presence of allergens.

The company

A Great and unique Master. Where it all begins.

Mastro Norcino Alfio Stefanangeli founded the company in 1964 and since then, most of the work, techniques and tricks of the trade have remained unchanged. The goals and values ​​of the early years are still the same today, the guide that drives the development of the company. A father, the founder and his daughter. The tradition of gestures, seen and lived as a child. The air you breathe on the premises: the smell of spices, fragrances and aromas, expertly dosed to give life to our artisan salamis. Everything is done internally. It’s November 20th 1999. The Stefanangeli brand arrives, and with it the new company is inaugurated. The dream takes shape. Stefanangeli grows, as does the number of employees and square meters. We need more space to increase the production and seasoning of our salami. It is 2007. With the generational change, Stefania takes over the new company. We shape ourselves to follow the needs of the market, while maintaining our artisan processes, which have always characterized our product. Stefanangeli is certainly a guarantee of tradition, continuity and seriousness.


Land of Saints, leaders and of food and wine traditions, Umbria.

From this stems the inclination to the traditions handed down from the ancient art of the “Norcino”, which distinguishes us. From the mountains to the lakes, from the lakes to the plains, the taste itineraries wind through landscapes of rare beauty. The palate, ours, trained to good things; to taste, to ancient tastes.

Mastro norcino umbro
An all-Italian excellence

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